Deviations, a breathwork & sound journey

» Deviations, a breathwork & sound journey

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Best for: All Levels

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Monday 7:45 pm to 9:00

Location: Gemmayze



Join us for a transformative session designed to explore the deep patterns of our breathing with @marcmouzawak . Discover how our “breath imprints” are shaped by deviations stored in our cellular memory. Through hypo and hyperventilation breathing from the mouth or/and the nose , you Ll learn to activate the breathing from your chest belly ribcage and pelvic area . Sound journey will be provided by @khechenfaten playing Indigenous Instruments and chants to guide the journey . 
 Please refrain from eating 2 hours before the session . If you have any health concerns like cardiovascular issues, blood pressure problems , recent surgeries or pregnancy please inform us beforehand for personalized advised.

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