Terms and Conditions

A fulfilling wellness journey is all about discipline and commitment. In order for us to deliver a rewarding wellness experience for our customers, all the while protecting their personal health, safety, and space, we invite you to our terms and conditions carefully before you book a class or sign up to a membership at Namat Beirut.

Age requirements

The minimum age requirement for our programmes, workshops, and adult classes – meaning all classes that have not been specifically tailored to children – is 16 years old. However, students and customers who are aged 16 and below are still permitted into our classes, on the condition that they are accompanied by/under the supervision of an adult either in-class or at the studio premises.

Studio capacity

The Namat Beirut studio accommodates a maximum capacity of 15 people, temporarily reduced to 10 people in compliance with COVID-19 social distancing and safety measures. For their personal safety and that of others, we urge our customers to responsibly commit to these measures when trying to book a class. Our team members will do their best in helping you find a spot in our classes whenever possible and safe. However, we strongly recommend that you secure your place ahead of time, as we cannot guarantee last-minute bookings or availabilities.

Cancellation policy

If you have booked a class and either cancel late or are unable to attend, class credit will still be deducted from your package. However, it is always advisable to get in touch with our team ahead of class time should your no-show or late cancellation be due to unforeseen circumstances.

Personal belongings

Do not leave valuable items such as wallets, mobile phones and notebooks unattended. All personal belongings brought to our studio premises are at the owner’s/member’s risk. Namat Beirut will not be held liable or responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal items. For security purposes, we urge all members to make use of our free studio lockers, where they can safely place and protect their personal belongings.

Fitness and health

Your health and safety come before all else. If you have medical or physical conditions or concerns of any sort – such as blood pressure irregularity , heart problems, pregnancy/post-pregnancy, back/ knee and shoulder issues, among others – we strongly urge you to consult with a physician/professional before you sign up to any of our classes. Namat Beirut reserves the right to refuse studio access to any member or customer if, in its absolute discretion, it considers that the health of the individual concerned may be endangered by the use of its facilities.

Safety and hygiene

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Namat Beirut studio premises. For physical safety and hygiene reasons, shoes and glass materials are also not allowed in the changing rooms or the studio.

Upon finishing class, students are advised to clean, pack, and return their mats and props to their designated spots before leaving the studio.

In the unfortunate and unlikely event of a fire, our studio users and visitors are asked to make their way to the nearest available exit – either from the Namat garden terrace or through the main door.


The safety and protection of your little ones is our priority. We spare no effort in keeping your children out of harm’s way at all times. However, if you think your little ones may get easily distracted or find it difficult to follow our studio rules, we strongly urge you to ensure that they are accompanied by an adult caretaker or supervisor on our premises.