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Each of us has his own rhythm, each person has his count, each person has his beat... Namat is about respecting and listening to your body while enjoying its balance on all terms, Namat is about eating whatever you want and know when to stop...intuition... Namat is about practicing regularly and enjoying every step of it... Namat is about knowing more of what you are and who you are,, Namat is about learning how to love every bit of yourself.

Upcoming Events

Wellness Retreat   SEP 30-01 AT Beit Smar Hotel , Smar  Jbeil  Read more
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Love Prints

  • Their gorgeous space, it’s always filled with light and the greenery outside and the beautiful terrace just lifts my mood up. The energy of the space is so calming and soothing, both during morning and evening classes.
    I love that they have a changing room and a shower! It helps me to not interrupt my plans after any workout. The team and the staff both at Namat and the Sage Parlor are adorable, welcoming and always professional! The instructors are just amazing, all of them so pro! I love the Pilates and stretching classes!
    And it’s always great to enjoy a great coffee, breakfast or lunch after a workout! I’m in love with their yummy energy balls! I even love their selection of home pieces and other personal items at their boutique! It’s always a mood lifter to go there!

    Angélique Sabounjian
  • Absolutely amazing wellness studio, super clean, warm and welcoming atmosphere with fantastic trainers. Love the classes and I got addicted to this beautiful place. I recommend it to everyone who needs to boost and feel their positive energy.

    Michele Raphael
  • As someone who’s had extensive experience within the health & wellness industry both in North America, Europe and the Middle East, I was astonished to see Namat Studio opening its doors in Beirut, Lebanon.
    The visits have exceeded my expectations, moreover I was delighted to enjoy the synergy of The Sage Parlour to unwind after challenging exercise classes!
    Highly recommended when visiting Beirut.

    Elias Maamari
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