How frequently should I attend classes to start seeing visible progress?
Can I attend all classes currently offered by Namat if I am a beginner?
Do you offer any pre- or post-natal classes?
How do I know which classes work best for me and my wellness goals?
Do you have special discounts for students?
Is there a minimum age requirement for your adult classes?
What is the age bracket for Namat's kids’ classes?
Can I freeze my membership if I decide to take a break?
What is the process to cancel my monthly subscription?
What is your policy for class cancellation?
Can I still join a class if I am late for it?
What are the facilities offered by Namat?
What payment methods are available for Namat studio and shop customers?

Each body is different and works by its own pace when it comes to making progress on stamina, muscle mass, flexibility, and overall physical appearance, among other areas. However, a weekly combination of two yoga sessions, one pilates session, and one stretching session is a good starting point to reap the benefits of our classes. A month into committing to this well-rounded routine of toning, muscle-building, and flexibility, you will start feeling and seeing the difference on your body and mind.

Yes, you can. However, it is ideal that you inform our instructors beforehand of your level, concerns, and limitations. They will be sure to take this information into consideration, and will help you adjust your form and postures to your ability – and of course, challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone wherever safe and possible.

We offer private pre- and post-natal classes. However, during the course of or after their pregnancy, our customers can still attend most of our existing group classes, but will need to inform our instructors of their pregnancy stage and related complications, if at all. For their and their baby’s health, expecting and new moms should also always consult with a physician before continuing or resuming their fitness journey. We strongly recommend that new moms wait for 45 days after delivery to resume their workout routines – and for a longer six-month period if they’ve undergone a C-section – and in the meantime, stick to meditation classes that can greatly help them prepare for and adjust to this new life change.

Our founders and teachers are always here to help you identify and work towards your wellness goals, be it at a mental, spiritual, or physical level. Together with our team, you’ll be able to design your own wellness journey and routine that are tailored around your needs, capabilities, and personal goals.

We strongly advocate for people starting their wellness journey as early as possible in their lives. It is why we offer students 15% off their monthly unlimited membership.

Yes. You must be aged 16 and above to attend Namat Beirut’s adult classes – meaning all classes that have not been tailored to children.

Our age bracket for kids’ classes varies by type, as follows:

  • 3-6 years old for Yoga Kids (pre-schoolers)
  • 7-11 years old for Yoga Kids
  • 12-16 years old for Yoga Teens
  • 12-16 years old for Aerial Teens
  • 12-16 years old for Hiphop Teens

Freezing membership is not possible, only for exceptional matters

Monthly subscriptions or packages are non-refundable, and therefore cannot be cancelled.

If a class/workshop is cancelled by the Namat Beirut studio due to unforeseen circumstances or forces majeures, customers will be refunded the amount for that class/workshop, or alternatively, benefit from an extended duration for their package/membership.

Yes, you can. However, we strongly urge our customers to make their classes on time, as last-minute and late attendance may disrupt the class experience for both instructors and other students.

We offer all our customers free access to lockers, shower facilities, towels, mats, props – and most importantly, a free spirit!

Payments for Namat studio classes can be made in cash (either in USD or LBP). Payments for Namat shop purchases can be made only in cash (either in USD or LBP)

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