Pilates Instructor

A Journey Ignited: From Iran & Bali to Yoga Globetrotting

Eight years ago, my voyage into yoga commenced in enchanting Bali, amid a bustling career as a Personal Trainer and fitness studio owner. A single yoga class redefined my trajectory.

Fueled by Bali’s serenity, I pursued a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and a 100-hour Acroyoga course, both completed on the same sacred island. These experiences deepened my passion for guiding others.

From Iran to Bali, Dubai to Malta, and finally to Lebanon, I’ve woven a tapestry of experience. Teaching in diverse corners of the world has enriched my journey. Today, I lead a range of classes, from dynamic Vinyasa to captivating Acroyoga. My ultimate fulfillment lies in helping students unearth their latent potential through yoga’s transformative power and other exciting fitness classes.

From my inaugural Bali encounter to countless global adventures, my journey revolves around igniting self-discovery in others

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