Clean Beauty Workshop

Up to 60 % of what we apply to our skin makes its way into our bloodstream, so choosing safe products is an important decision we can make for our health. Clean-beauty products contain wholesome, nourishing ingredients; offer amazing scents, textures, and experiences; and work really well, too!
*** Let’s discover that around a nice workshop in Collaboration with Nafas Togetherness and Helwe Cosmetics to discuss Clean Beauty and Entrepreneurship on 27.10.2022 at 6 pm at Namat Beirut’s new location in Gemmayzeh!
Participation Fee :
50$ including detox juices and nibbles by salata / Skin assessment and 10% off any purchase from Helwe!

Bookings are open! For more info call us on: 01 217 604 or 81 381 969