Our story
To the rhythm of a restless Beirut

When I first started drawing up the Namat concept in 2017, the world was a very different place. Our Beirut has since been experiencing its darkest hours and hardest setback in history – and our planet is experiencing similar, albeit less challenging, circumstances. Not one to surrender, I wanted to keep our city’s heart wide open to the resilient souls behind it.
My vision was to create a wellness sanctuary in the heart of busy Beirut. The ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of this vision have slowly but surely crystallized over the past three years, with the support of my co-founder and close friend, Catherine Chidiac. We knew that restless Beirut was in dire need of a space where time slowed down, people’s paths effortlessly crossed, and wellness was accessible to the passionate many, not the privileged few.

This experience is still at the heart of Namat, but my passion project bears so much more meaning today. And the credit is far from mine alone. Along the way, I’ve found liked-minded souls who shared my vision, optimism, hope, and unconditional love for a better Lebanon. Namat Beirut owes so much of its success to my partner, Catherine, The Sage Parlour’s Maysoon Sleiman, and great community members who breathe energy and spirit into our space, day in day out. In the midst of chaos, Namat has become a space to feel, love, connect, and be inspired. It is also a space to cope, persevere, and ultimately, reconnect with one’s true self.

We’ve built a space to find our pace through the best and worst of times. And we’re here to help you find yours.

Celine Bejjani, Founder of Namat Beirut

There is a sense of fluidity of movement within the design thanks to the curvaceous forms; a recurring feature adapted further into the ceiling and the walls by adding arches that give an organic feel to the space and deliver a sense of relief and peace to the visitors.

Ziad BedrosArchitect
Our space
A place to find one's pace

In the heart of Beirut’s concrete chaos, Namat is a nature-inspired haven right off Achrafieh’s Zahrat El Ihsan 65 street – one that is paved with architectural structures that converge the best of both old and modern Beirut. Soft pastels, generous greenery, and abundant natural light invite visitors into an honest space where they can leave their fast-paced everyday routine at the door. As does the energy of its people, the space’s relation between light and architecture morphs throughout the day, “achieving an atmosphere that is propitious for meditation practices and the individual achievement of mindfulness” from sunrise to sunset, says architect Ziad Bedros.

By design, the space, where the wellness studio, shop, café, and floristry corner effortlessly meet, mirrors the ‘wellness continuum’ experience. Spatial siloes and heavy volumes have been broken down to ensure that natural light and energy seamlessly seep through all areas. Soft textures, shapes, and colors further accentuate the airiness and serenity of the space. Curvaceous structures and arches inspire a perpetual flow of energy. Only a few walls remain to ensure that Namat goers enjoy their studio experience in utmost privacy and serenity. The Namat Beirut space has transcended its four walls into a way of life that harmonizes physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Our Experience
Wellness redefined

Namat’s vision is to democratize wellness and healthy living across the region. And its mission is to improve lives by utilizing technology to open widespread access to quality wellness content, experiences, and education.

The springboard to both our vision and mission is Namat Beirut, the first physical location under the wider Namat platform. Namat Beirut launched in 2021 in Beirut’s vibrant Achrafieh district, and converges four experiences into one open space. The Namat wellness studio, along with its annexed garden terrace, is home to weekly wellness classes hosted by experienced masters of their practice. Adjacent to the Ashrafieh studio is The Sage Parlour (TSP), an all-day breakfast parlour with a locally sourced, culturally curious menu, and also home to the “Eternal Flowers” corner – a passion project for dried flower art turned full-fledged floristry business by TSP founder Maysoon Sleiman. In this spirit of paying heed to culture, TSP hosts exhibitions at Namat Beirut every two months, showcasing the talents and faces of Lebanon’s underground arts scene.

In the guise of a concept store, Namat Beirut’s retail shop also showcases and sells artisanal products, produce, and crafts sourced from all over Lebanon.

Beyond wellness in its most traditional sense, Namat Beirut is unraveling Beirut’s cultural cachet to the city’s curious souls. The space is home to regular workshops and conferences around general culture, arts, philosophy, and literature. Ultimately, Namat Beirut wants to rally a community of like-minded people who carry the city’s spirit, with all its chaos, contradictions and creativity.