Lina Kseibi

Yoga Instructor

In 2017 and after trying different ways from boxing to karate to release all the emotional failure and stress inside, Leena found her way to her yoga mat where she embarked on the journey of self-search and self forgiveness. 2 years later, Leena decided to take her Yoga Teacher Certification, and from that time she is brightly sharing her love for Yoga, with a desire to let everyone, grown-ups and kids, experience the deep emotional benefits of this practice on the mind and the heart.

Leena didn’t stop there. She continued her education in the field of flexibility, kids yoga Certification, and expanded it to post rehabilitation and conditioning diploma.

Additionally, Leena is a pilates instructor who is loved by every person stepping into her classes. Leena creatively plans her classes, meticulously guides you through your workout, and carefully makes sure that you are challenging yourself in a sustainable manner.

From yoga and pilates, yogalates was born. A unique combo of these 2 practices that are dear to Leena’s heart is on her list, too. She creates a special recipe for a yoga sequence and pilates moves that will give you a boost of confidence in both of the practices separately.

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