Emotional Detox & Tension Release Instructor

In 2016, Marc took his first “conscious breath” in a silent retreat, which awakened his mind and soul ;That pushed him to learn more about various breathing techniques like the Wimhoff method, Rebirth, get the Life Awareness Breathwork Facilitator license and collaborate with the International Breath Foundation .

With a mission to share his passion on breath-work with everyone who needs it, Marc Founded Nasma Breath Awareness which grew into a collective that spreads knowledge about the healing power of the breath.

By understanding the dense effect on the human consciousness from breath-work, marc went deeper by working with master plants while living in the amazon, in order to access a true channel of healing and guiding others to walk this path if needed.

Inhale , we trust

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Modern yoga consists of a range of techniques including asanas (postures) and meditation derived from some of the philosophies, teachings and practices of the Yoga school, which is one of the six schools of traditional Hindu
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