Monique Chebli

Monique’s yoga career began over a decade ago, when she started her intensive Hatha Yoga training with FNEY (National Federation of Yoga Teachers France) in end-2010. Four years later, in 2015, Monique would graduate and enter an enlightening journey of self-discovery through yoga, which eventually would inspire her in-depth research dissertation on the vertical dimension – the more intangible aspect of human life that connects it to a purpose and meaning beyond its linear journey. In parallel, Monique has also been a committed yoga teacher across several yoga centers in Beirut, helping others groom their passion for the practice through group and private sessions.

Monique’s wide-ranging experience has also earned her a longstanding role as the Treasurer at Syndicate of Yoga Teachers in Lebanon, which was established in January 2016. Monique is constantly broadening her horizons and knowledge, and is currently studying stress management through Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep).