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Ashrafieh , Namat Studio

Urban Eatery

A well-fed body is key to a well-rounded wellness journey. Namat Beirut is home to The Sage Parlor (TSP, an all-day breakfast parlor that serves up a healthy, hearty selection of food for the soul). Wake up and smell the coffee at the brew bar, reward yourself with a fresh-baked healthy treat, and savor our lunch and supper specials after an intense sweat sesh. From the foul tray to the Lamb Merguez Labneh tartine, TSP’s menu is a culinary journey through cultures; an eclectic mix of all locally sourced ingredients,

spices, and herbs, and Lebanese retakes of international dishes. In this spirit of paying heed to culture, TSP hosts exhibitions at Namat Beirut every two months, showcasing the talents and faces of Lebanon’s underground arts scene. It is also home to the “Eternal Flowers” corner, initially started as a passion project for dried flower art by TSP founder Maysoon Sleiman, and today a full-fledged floristry space and business.