Face Yoga Workshop With Aline Khoury

This workshop is perfect for anyone new to Face Yoga & facial Gua-Sha or curious about it!
In this one hour and a half workshop, we will be going through facial exercises, facial massage,
facial gua-sha and wellness techniques to lift and firm the face.
Make it self-care Saturday and learn :
-The science behind face yoga & gua-sha 
-Understand how to use your facial muscles properly 
-Face yoga exercises 
-The right Gua-Sha technique 
-How to do these amazing techniques correctly 
You will finish the workshop with with a lifted face and a beautifully relaxed glow inside and out.
* Facial Gua Sha tools will be available on site in case you don’t have any.
Saturday 8th of October from 11am to 12h30 pm
Location: Namat Beirut Gemmayzeh 
Fees: 30$
For bookings: 81381969