Full Moon Reiki Ceremony With Farah Bou Fakhreddine 

Celebrate this full moon with a REIKI ceremony to let go of what no longer resonates with you, heal and honour the fiery energies of Aries. Full Moons are powerful portals that offer an opportunity to reflect, release, reconnect & recharge. 
Our ceremonial gathering includes REIKI energy healing, chanting, journaling, dancing, breathwork, meditation and oracle card pull. 
REIKI is a universal life force energy that heals on all of the body levels- physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.
We will chant to ignite our inner fire and activate our third chakra.
We will journal and set intentions to release what no longer serves us.
We will dance to shamanic drumming to connect with our heart beat & the heart beat of Mother Earth and to invite this lunar energy to our bodies. 
We will practice Pranayama to move and clear stuck emotions.
We will meditate to connect deeply with our inner wisdom. 
We will use the ” Startseed” oracle deck by rebecca campbell as an activating oracle to help us unlock our soul gifts, connect with our cosmic origins, and remember who we truly are.
Avoid heavy meals before the ceremony.
Bring a journal, pen and bottle of water 🙏