Kids Success Kit

We are entering the summer season as June opens up in our calendar !

One of the loveliest months !
The month when the day gets longer, the sun shinier, and the beach closer!
But its also the month of the final exams!
A month when Kids (and parents) are entering “PHASE stress” right before summer

Luckily, yoga can help calm your kids down before their exams, as well as keep them focus
and grounded even after the stress of them has passed!

Yoga for children offers not only physical benefits but also emotional ones!
Regular practice promotes flexibility, balance, strength, coordination and posture.
Additionally, it improves body awareness and helps children improve their focus on all
levels! A focus that can only be beneficial for their studies:

In a study conducted by the international Journal of Yoga, it was determined that ” Academic
performance was improved in students who regularly practiced yoga, as opposed to those who
did not. For the purposes of the study, academic performance was defined as the ability to
perform tasks and demonstrate competence in typical academic testing situations, as
measured by standard grading techniques.” (

Many yoga poses stimulate the proprioceptive sense, which can help to relieve
anxiety and help a child reach and maintain the optimum level of alertness for learning
by improving concentration and focus.

Leena and Celia from Namat Beirut prepared a beautiful and extremely practical yoga
session that works on alerting the mind, improving the focus and on relieving anxiety and


Catherine Chidiac