Fight Allergies With Wellness

FIGHT allergies .

Whether by having to rub your nose constantly, or sneezing non stop, or having watery eyes and a blurred vision, or an itching skin that makes your day impossible to get through .. Allergies can be extremely annoying, paralyzing and very frustrating .
We sometimes rush to the pharmacy to buy over the counter medications, that might relieve our reaction a bit, but most of them unfortunately makes us sleepy and tired.
There might not be a miracle remedy that stops having an allergy, but there are a few things we can incorporate in our diet and lifestyle that helps us deal better with our reactions .

Aromatherapy :
Certain types of essential oils that can be incorporated to our bath or inhaled (directly or indirectly ) through the nose : like Lavender Essential Oil that works as a natural antihistamine and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties . Lavender oil treats an relieves most allergic reactions. Peppermint Essential Oil as well is known as being a strong anti-allergen, its fresh and minty flair opens clogged sinuses almost immediately.

Foods :
In addition to developing a sustainable, comprehensive diet, adding these foods can help allergy control even further:
– Tropical Fruits. High in Vitamin C and bromelain—a chemical that can help relieve asthma.
– Fatty Fishes. …
– Onions. …
– Local Honey. …
– Yogurt.
– Hot spices tumeric and ginger

Physical exercises :
Any Kind of exercise helps open the sinuses and helps with allergies but Yoga has a few specific postures that works on that . Heres a short Yoga sequence that can be practiced any time during the day, and that can be of great help in the middle of an allergy struggle.

Here’s a short sequence tailored just for you , raise your thumb if you like it and press the follow button 😉

Catherine Chidiac