Carmen Bassim

Carmen Bassim

April 15, 20240

Jad Harb

March 14, 20240


November 2, 20230


September 1, 20230
My journey with aerial yoga started 5 years ago, and I fell in love with it the moment I felt I could let go of anything. Being upside down made me see things from another perspective, adjusting to different states of clarity. One trial turned into weekly practices and I discovered that aerial yoga offered...
Serena is a certified multi style Yoga instructor, she focuses on alignments of the postures to ensure the practice is beneficial and safe.

Lea Bou Karim

February 15, 20230

Marc El Mouzawak

February 4, 20230
In 2016, Marc took his first “conscious breath” in a silent retreat, which awakened his mind and soul ;That pushed him to learn more about various breathing techniques like the Wimhoff method, Rebirth, get the Life Awareness Breathwork Facilitator license and collaborate with the International Breath Foundation . With a mission to share his passion...
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